About us

The Great Western Hotel is a privately owned detached villa, described as one of the finest of its size in Paignton. Built in 1864 as a private residence during the Victorian era, it was later converted into a hotel keeping the original layout and charm of the house. The rooms are spacious with en-suite bathrooms, providing guests with a relaxing and intimate décor. We pride ourselves on our friendly and personal service, evidenced by guests who come back to stay with us every year.


Train from Paignton Train Station

Walking (0.4 miles) Town centre route - Walking 1. Walk north 50 meters from the train station towards the centre of the town. 2. Cross over the railway and walk East towards the seafront. 3.After about 150 meters turn right on to Queens Road 4. After 200 meters turn left on to Sands Road 5. After 50 meters we are on the right hand side Road from Paignton Train Station Driving (0.5 miles)

Town centre route - driving 1.

Head south after passing the train station on Great Western Rd/A3022 towards Station Ln 2.Turn left onto Station Lane after the libary 3.Turn left onto Sands Rd/B3201 after crossing over the railway crossing. 4. Turn right onto Belle Vue Rd, your destination will be on the right , the 2nd entrance on the right.